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WT4100 4K PC Extender

The WT4100 4K PC Extender is composed of Host (WT4110H) and Client (WT4120C) to extend the PC interfaces including HDMI/USB/Power Button/Reset Button/Power LED to the remote site over Gigabit Ethernet. With WT4100, the administrator can centralize the computers in a room and put the monitors/keyboards/mice outside for the users to facilitate the management.

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HD300 SDI-to-HDMI Converter

The HD300 not only is able to convert SD SDI, HD SDI or 3G SDI signal to HDMI signal, but also extend/split the SDI signal to multiple HDMI displays by daisy chain with a single coaxial cable. The distance per cascade is up to 100 meters on 1080p resolution, very suitable for setting up one-to-many digital signage with coaxial cables.

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WT4210 4K AV-IP Distribution

The WT4210 4K AV-IP Distribution is composed of Transmitter (WT4210H-F) and Receiver (WT4210C-F) to extend and distribute the 4K HDMI with IR control signals over Gigabit Ethernet, not only support RJ45 connector but also SFP optical module, so you can send a 4K source to multiple displays without the limitation on quantity and distance. The WT4210 is absolutely the first choice when the installers want to set up a one-to-one or one-to-many digital signage, it’s amazing to have the ability connecting displays as many as you want and supporting distance as long as you need.

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HD550 HDMI Extender/Splitter over HDBaseT

The HD550 uses HDBaseT technology to send the uncompressed HDMI signal over a single CAT5e cable, and consists of Transmitter, 1-1 Splitter and Receiver to support the following amazing and practical features:

  • A/V Distribution by daisy chain up to 31 levels and 100 displays.
  • Uncompressed high definition (HD) video: 1080p@60Hz@48 bits, 3D, 4K x 2K
  • High-quality audio
  • CEC pass-through
  • HDCP compliant

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