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CAT5 VGA/RS232 Extender
VDE150A (150m)/VDE300A (300m)
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CAT5 VDE Figure

Transmit VGA and RS232 Signals (T/R) Up To 300m/1000ft over A Single CAT5 Cable

The CAT5 VGA/DATA Extender (VDE) is a low cost, one-to-one, real time VGA and RS232 signal long distance transmitter. Using standard CAT5 UTP/STP cable you can broadcast high-resolution video images (1920x1200 @60Hz) and control your display device (RS-232 T, R) from as far away as 300m/1000ft from your host computer.

An extremely handy device, use the VDE to broadcast video images to a remote plasma/LCD monitor or touch screen and control remotely at the same time. Now you can broadcast all your critical information directly to the public in department sotres, banks, business centers, hotels, restaurant, office or training environment, industrial locations and production lines.

The VDE is also ideal for sending video images to a ceiling or other projector and controlling it from your desk. As a bonus, the system allows installing an additional monitor at the local unit so you can see what you are broadcasting even when the display is located outside your immediate environment.


  • Transmit high-resolution VGA and RS232 signals over 300m/1000ft.
  • Adopting advanced CAT5 technology, it is easy to install and the cabling is neat and tidy.
  • Bi-directional RS-232 to transmit or receive signals.
  • It is allowed to connect a monitor at local unit.
  • Sturdy metal housing.
  • Chainable to double the length to 600m/2000ft.



Model No.
  • Local Unit: VDEL101A
  • Remote Unit:
    • VDER211A (transmission distance 150m with video Gain/EQ adjusters)
    • VDER213A (transmission distance 300m with video Gain/EQ/RGB Skew adjusters)
ResolutionUp to 1920x1200 @60Hz depending on distance
RS232 ConnectionBi-directional Tranmit/Receive
Signal Inputs & Connectors
  • Local Unit:
    • VGA In - HDD15F
    • RS232 - DB9F
  • Remote Unit:
    • UTP/STP In - RJ45
Signal Outputs & Connectors
  • Local Unit:
    • Monitor - HDD15F
    • UTP/STP Out - RJ45
  • Remote Unit:
    • VGA Out - HDD15F
    • RS232 - DB9M
Power DC5V Power Adapter
Dimension11 x 9 x 2.5 (H) cm
Weight300g per unit

Ordering Information:

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150m CAT5 VGA/DATA Extender Kit with American type of power adaptors

VDE150A-EP150m CAT5 VGA/DATA Extender Kit with European type of power adapters 
VDE150A-BP150m CAT5 VGA/DATA Extender Kit with UK type of power adapters
VDE300A-AP300m CAT5 VGA/DATA Extender Kit with American type of power adapters
VDE300A-EP300m CAT5 VGA/DATA Extender Kit with European type of power adapters
VDE300A-BP300m CAT5 VGA/DATA Extender Kit with UK type of power adapters

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